Occupation: Dental Surgeon (UNAM.)


FORMATION OF THE ARTS: In March 1988, he entered the Painting Workshop of the University Extension UABC in Tecate, Baja California.

It has taken different workshops and courses of Fine Arts.

He has participated in various solo and group exhibitions highlighting.



Erotic Series Cuchuma, Gallery University UABC, Mexicali, March 2010

Erotic Series Cuchuma, UABC School of Arts, Tecate, October 2009

“Selected in several painting competitions.

»Jury in several painting competitions.

“Group Exhibition City Gallery XII Anniversary, Tecate, BC. December, 2007.

“Individual Exhibition divas” State Center for the Arts Mexicali, BC. September 2007

“Individual Exhibition Gallery IMAC divas Rosarito, BC. May 2007

“Group Exhibition Palace OUR NEIGHBORS Art Tijuana, BC. April, 2007

“Individual Exhibition divas corner of wineries, Ensenada, BC. FEBRUARY 2007

“Individual Exhibition Gallery divas ICBC Tijuana, BC. January, 2007.

“Individual Exhibition Gallery divas City Tecate, BC. October Festival October 2006. ICBC.

“Group Exhibition” Analogies Color and Line “ex. Convent of San Agustin, ZACATECAS, ZAC. March 2006

“Painters Group Exhibition of Baja California, La Casona DF BC in May 2005.

“Collective Exhibition Artists of Baja California National Center of Arts, Mexico, DF April 2005

»Amsterdam Whitney Gallery Group Exhibition, New York, New York. March, 2005.

“Group Exhibition” Analogies Color and Line “Opening of State Center for the Arts Mexicali, Baja California. January, 2005.

“Group Exhibition” Plastic Baja California “Festival Cervantino 32 Guanajuato, Guanajuato. October, 2004.

“Group Exhibition Spanish American Guitar Festival 10 CECUT. Festival poster illustrator. Tijuana, Baja California. November, 2003.

“Solo Exhibition” Monitos Cured of Tecate “City Museum. Tecate, Baja California. October, 2003

“” Collective Great Baja California Plastic Artists “Exhibition Gallery of the UABC Mexicali, BC, February, 2002

“Plastic Group Exhibition of Baja California. City Gallery Aguascalientes Aguascalientes. November, 2001.

“Solo Exhibition” Monitos Cured “. FOX Studio Gallery Rosarito, Baja California. June, 2001.

“Individual Exhibition at the” Jaime Torres Bidet “Cultural Center. National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico, DF. 08 to 29 March. 1990

“Work on magazine RM. April, 1996.

“Cover Artwork Yubai of UABC. April / June, 1997.

“Work in the book” 30 Artists of Baja California “.

“Illustrator of Book Cover” Diana Bar “.

“Illustrator of Book Cover” Tequila, lemon and salt, 2004.

“Member of the Advisory Board of ICBC. 1992-2009

»Member of the Organizing Committee of the Festival of Culture and Arts of Tecate, Baja California.

‘Member of the Commission FOECA 2000 – 2008

“The Monitos Cured Book of Gabriel Adame. March, 2000.

“Music Cassete Illustrator” sung Mass “by Paco Luna y Su Banda Flotation. Hermosillo, Sonora. August, 2000.

“Telnor Phone Card with Image Work” Tianguis “. November, 2002.

»Book Divas Gabriel Adame 2007